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Manage your contact centre with a powerful solution that sits in your browser

Quvu is the entirely web-based management software for the modern-day contact centre. Gain total scalability and statistical customisation, so you can adapt Quvu to provide you with the analytical data to gain a complete overview of what is happening in real-time in order to adjust and improve productivity – all while the system seamlessly grows with your business.

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An improved experience for you and your agents, as well as your customers

Reimagine how you manage your entire contact centre, customising your own metrics so you can report on the stats that matter to you and reveal key decision-affecting insights. Stay on the right side of regulations and effectively optimise workflow and customer contact.

tick-icon  Ofcom & TPS/CTPS Compliant

tick-icon  Easy to set up and manage account

tick-icon  Access anywhere in the world

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Truly cloud based solution

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Be up and running in minutes without any setup fees or ongoing maintenance to worry about. Add new users through simple online account changes, benefiting from a scalable call center phone system that grows as you do.

Gain true flexibility that allows you and your agents to work from anywhere in the world by just logging into your account – you could even be on the opposite side of the world to your agents, listening in to their calls and monitoring in real-time as if you were sat in the office.

tick-icon  Get setup quickly without complex hardware configuration

tick-icon  Access real-time and historical statistics from any location

tick-icon  Reduce overheads and improve performance

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All your needs catered for in one contact centre solution


Outbound Solution

Maximise agent productivity, speak to more customers and prospects, and increase sales through our fully compliant Predictive and Preview Dialling outbound solutions.


Inbound Solution

Deliver a first-class customer experience with our inbound call centre solution, which makes life easy for agents allowing them to effectively handle their flow of calls.


Blended Solution

Seamlessly assign outbound agents to inbound campaigns and vice versa, through our blended solution that allows you to divide the responsibilities between your teams.


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Maintain an organised contact centre through enhanced workforce management tools

Quvu makes managing permissions and roles within your contact centre easy, ensuring simple workforce management and organisation so you can focus on running your operation as productively and efficiently as possible. This is done through four different components:


Admin iconAdmin Console
Allows senior management to oversee the entire operation and administer changes to teams, campaigns, dial data and have access to an extensive set of stats including the ability to customise, add or remove statistics.

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Compliance iconCompliance Console
Allows quality control staff to ensure your contact centre is not breaking any industry regulations, whilst also complying with your company’s own codes and ethics.

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Supervisor iconSupervisor Console
This enables middle management or team leaders to monitor the activities of their agents and teams, analyse statistics, listen to calls and carry out call coaching.

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Agent iconAgent Console
This console provides agents with a simplified, complication free platform to manage their calls, minimising the possibility of distractions and leaves your Administrators and Supervisors firmly in control.


tick-icon Allow agents to simply get on with calls, minimising distractions and maximising productivity

tick-icon Access to each console is user and password protected achieving the utmost security

tick-icon Console changes are instant so settings, agent campaign enrolment and more take immediate effect

tick-icon Control staff permissions by administering the level of freedom and access supervisors and agents are given

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Gain an edge on competitors with rewarding features

A vast array of powerful features await you when you adopt Quvu, all of which are accessible from anywhere, at any time, through your web browser. Deliver better experiences for your customers and inspire agent productivity, helping you achieve the results you set out to and strive for continuous improvement.

Powerful features
Statistics module

Just about every aspect of Quvu is completely customisable.

Whether it be creating the stats that will allow you to analyse key decision-affecting insights, or configuring agent tracking that matters to you, the possibilities are almost endless.

Quvu is a contact centre solution that improves your decision making and gives you a comprehensive understanding of your operation, where you can access real time analytics and drill down into the finest of details.

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Why Quvu?

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A simplified agent experience

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Your agents are the bread and butter of your contact centre, at the core of everything you do and whose performance determines the success or failure of your operation.

That is why agents are given a simple interface with no complications, that will easily allow them to focus on performance whilst always communicating productivity, patterns and trends to watching supervisors or team leaders.

tick-icon Allow the Predictive Dialler to increase agent talk time by up to 300%

tick-icon Agents can use Preview Dialling to preview information before a call

tick-icon Customisable dispositions enable agents to accurately define calls

tick-icon User-friendly screen pops help agents handle calls professionally

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What our customers say

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