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Features & Benefits

Powerful enterprise grade features to improve productivity and customer contact

Quvu’s powerful range of features gives you the opportunity to increase productivity, work smarter and reduce costs, creating a better experience for you, your agents and your customers. Gain a comprehensive overview of your business performance and analyse from a host of statistics to identify ways of improving the way you run your business.

Predictive Dialler

Increase agent productivity up to 300% with the Quvu predictive dialler. After making its first 50 calls in progressive mode, the dialler will then enter predictive mode and its self-adapting algorithm will ensure your agents speak to the optimal number of customers. The Quvu dialler achieves this whilst maintaining an abandonment rate in-line with Ofcom regulations.

Minimise agent wait time, eliminate unanswered and unconnected calls and significantly improve contact rates.

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Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Improve your team’s efficiency by up to 300% by removing time wasted on dialling numbers and listening to busy tones, increasing the number of customers you speak with in a day.

Dialling Strategies

Flexible Data Settings

Adjust the dial timeout to aim for maximum DMC conversions, oversee data by 3 levels so you can monitor which data is securing the best results and choose priority teams for campaigns based on performance and/or ability.

Ofcom Compliance

Ofcom Compliance

The dialler is completely Ofcom compliant, keeping you below the regulated abandonment rate and allows you to easily upload messages in the event of abandoned calls and you can select a caller ID to present with ease.

Real Time Customisable Statistics

Your business works in real time so why shouldn’t your analytics? Everything on the Quvu platform is in real time, meaning that you don’t need to wait until tomorrow for today’s information.

Break down stats by campaign, data source, individual data upload, team, individual agent or date. You’re then free to utilise many of the standard stats we provide, whether it be the number of records dialled or the number of abandoned calls, or you can take advantage of its customisation by creating your own stats. The ability to do this effectively means your statistics are only limited by your imagination.

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The Quvu Stats portal is completely customisable, so you can create the stats that matter to you.

Multiple Views

Multiple Views

You aren’t limited to one, two or even three statistical views. Create as many as you like, which is useful for being able to quickly click through multiple views.



Easily analyse how teams, agents or even data sources are performing by viewing critical stats that help you make important business decisions.

Preview Dialler

Equip your agents with vital customer data before allowing them to initiate a call with the smart Preview Dialler. When your agents are ready for their next call the Preview Dialler will enable them to click to load a record from the campaign they are working from, and then click again to tell the dialler to begin the call.

This is ideal in scenarios where the nature of the calls are more complex, allowing agents to preview important knowledge that will increase the chances of a successful call. For example, customer retention calls, B2B campaigns and more.

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Enable agents to take in important customer details prior to the launch of a call, raising the likelihood of success.



The dialler will intelligently load a customer record, before giving the agent the chance to simply click to dial the number.

Instant Access

Instant access

Improve the way you handle more complex calls or campaigns, as the agent is given instant access to all the relevant data in advance.

Data Penetration

Maximise data penetration by customising how you manage your records and analyse performance via 3 levels of data tracking: queue/campaign, data source and individual data upload.

This enables you to compare different datasets against each other and take action accordingly.

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Hold No Answer

Hold no answer

Specify any number of hold minutes between each dial so that you can spread out your attempts of connecting with ‘no answer’ records.

Data Priority

Data Priority

Define priority teams that will get the dialler to try to allocate calls from a specified data source, helping to increase the chance of better results if you have better performing teams.

Be Resourceful

Be Resourceful

Easily identify how data files are working for you and rest any data that is performing poorly, allowing you to focus more resources on better performing datasets.

Geo Dialling

Drastically reduce the number of voicemails your campaigns reach through Quvu’s very powerful geo dialling feature, helping your agents significantly increase their contact rates. This instructs the dialler to look at a dialled number and present a caller ID in that number’s area code, by looking at the postcodes associated with the number.

Unlike other providers offering this feature, who do not use compliant caller ID’s due to their inability to be called back by a customer, we provide caller IDs that customers can call back should they miss your call. What’s more, this includes all outbound calls through Quvu, so any manual callbacks or click-to-dial calls will make use of the geo dialling feature.

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geo dialler area names

CLI Localisation

CLI Localisation

Present a number that is more familiar to your customers, considerably increasing the likelihood of them answering your call rather than ignoring or rejecting it as they might from an unknown, withheld or 08 number.

Targeted Campaigns

Targetting - Geo Dialling 2

Create campaigns that pinpoint specific areas, presenting numbers that will be recognisable to the customer to increase the number of times the recipient will actually answer.

Smart Data

Smart Data

Source data based on precise locations and upload it to campaigns with the geo dialler in use. You can then compare against campaigns not using the geo dialler, analysing the impact it has on DMC conversions and voicemail ratios.

iQ Wallboard

iQ lets you create visual informatics screens to get an instant overview of real-time activity across your contact centre. iQ is more advanced than your average wallboard and allows you to build unlimited screens from scratch, displaying insightful data customised by you in the graphical tables and charts of your choice. Quickly and easily understand live agent and campaign performance, reacting upon information accordingly.

Share live statistics from across your contact centre with managers and agents, filtering your data to suit your reporting needs. Access and modify your iQ portal from any location in just your browser, utilising the sleek web interface to easily adapt your visual statistics screens to your own requirements.

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Simple Web Interface

Simple Web Interface

Through a user-friendly web interface you can easily take in complex and detailed statistical information via colourful, easy on the eye graphical charts and tables.



Adapt iQ to completely fit around your needs, creating unlimited visual boards displaying the statistics you wish in the graphical panels as chosen by you.

Intelligence in Abundance

Intelligence in Abundance

Configuring your screens to change automatically, and creating any stat you like to be displayed in your charts, are just some of the clever capabilities iQ offers your contact centre.

Workforce Management

An organised contact centre is a better performing one, so delegate which consoles staff have access to based on their job role.

With Quvu’s four access levels your workforce management could not be easier. Allow top-level managers to manage the whole account through the Admin Console, Supervisors to oversee their teams and agents through the Supervisor Console, agents to be talking to customers through the Agent Console and compliance staff to ensure you’re not breaking regulations through the Compliance Console.

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As the Agent Console is a straightforward and simplified version of other consoles it minimises distractions and helps maximise their performance.



Each console is accessed through a secure username and password so only staff given an account will be able to access it, achieving a high level of security and preventing security breaches.


Instant alternate 2

All changes made or settings altered in Quvu’s consoles are instantaneous. So for example, if you notice a particular dataset performing badly, you can pause it right away and not waste any more resources on it.

Call Recording

Quvu’s Call Recording feature has a diverse range of benefits across various consoles. Administrators may use recordings for improving processes; Compliance staff for quality control; and Supervisors for providing coaching or training new staff. Your recordings are searchable, facilitating you to locate them by number, agent, queue/campaign, date, disposition, data source/file or team.

To ensure you comply with certain regulations, Quvu allows Administrators to select agents that can pause the recording of a call while it’s taking place. This helps to protect against the transmission of sensitive information, such as card details.

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You’re free to listen to your call recordings directly in your web browser. Alternatively you can choose to download any recording so you’ve got a backup database – these will be in MP3 format.

6 Year Storage

6 year storage

All calls recorded across your Quvu account are retained for up to 6 years to be compliant with all relevant regulations.

Smart Filtering

Smart filtering

All calls made through Quvu are recorded, including manual calls. Filter recordings by number, agent, team, queue, data source, data upload, call date and disposition.

Ofcom Compliance

Our solution was built in-house with Ofcom compliance in mind. The predictive dialler continually adjusts its algorithm in order to feed the optimal number of calls to your agents whilst maintaining an abandonment rate in-line with regulations.

Quvu’s reporting, monitoring and quality control capabilities equip you with the tools you need to help your contact centre achieve maximum results without sacrificing compliance.

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Abandonment Rate


Use the predictive dialler to boost your contact rates by up to 300%, safe in the knowledge your abandonment rate will not exceed Ofcom regulations

Dial Timeout

Dialler Timeout

Easily adjust your dial timeout settings so the dialler does not cut out when ringing a number any lower than Ofcom’s recommended 15 seconds.

Routable CLI

Routable CLI 2

We provide caller IDs that customers are able to call back for those Quvu customers using the Geo Dialling feature, helping to boost your contact rates whilst not breaking any compliance regulations.

Workforce Monitoring

Quvu enables you to listen in to a call between one of your agents and a customer, giving you the opportunity to silently monitor how an agent is performing on a call and carry out quality monitoring. You can even go one step further by carrying out in-call coaching while you are call monitoring an agent, during which the customer will be completely oblivious as only the agent will be able to hear you.

Enhanced status tracking allows you to monitor the current status of your agents in more detail, helping you keep a close watch on why they’re unavailable – for example, being logged off, in coaching, being trained or on a lunch break – or whether they’re in Wrap mode, carrying out after call tasks.

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Silent Monitoring

Silent Monitoring

Silently listen into your agents’ calls in real time without the agent or the customer being aware, allowing you to monitor how agents are performing and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

In-Call Coaching

In-Call Monitoring

As you’re silently listening into a call between an agent and a customer, step in to offer advice to the agent if needs be. Only the agent will be able to hear you – the customer will not.

Status Tracking

Status Tracking

Enhanced status tracking gives you a bigger picture of agents’ states. It is completely customisable and can help you identify the reason for an agent being unavailable for calls (e.g. on a rest break, in training or completing after call work).

Queue Management

Through the Queue management module you can create and edit queues seamlessly. These are completely customisable and include settings such as the caller ID you wish to present on outbound calls from a particular queue/campaign, the message to play on abandoned calls and your data selection strategy.

You can also configure the dialler settings on a per queue basis, allowing you to specify dial timeout, target abandonment rate and more. You can even duplicate existing Quvu campaigns from within your control panel and use it as a template for future campaigns.

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Customised Dispositions

Custom dispositions

Customise the disposition buttons your agents will use to mark the outcome of a call. Give your buttons a label and colour scheme to make them easily identifiable, an action and a stat to record.

Analyse Campaign Stats

Analyse Stats

Analyse how your campaigns are performing by choosing the statistics that matter to you, offering a real-time view of a campaign’s sales, percentage of voicemail hits, abandoned calls, calls per day, DNCs, held records and more.

Regulate DNCs

Regulate DMCs

Keep your “Do Not Contact” list up to date and proper through Quvu’s simple ‘Upload DNC’ function, preventing you from calling any numbers you shouldn’t be. Specify numbers on a per campaign/queue basis or across all campaigns.

TPS & CTPS Compliance

Stay TPS and CTPS compliant on each call you make across our network, and avoid fines of up to half a million pounds with our real-time data cleansing service.

For a monthly fee you will gain access to tens of thousands of record lookups, allowing you to determine if a number or business is registered on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS). The data we receive is obtained directly from the TPS and CTPS registers, ensuring it is fully up to date so you can rest assured that the numbers you dial are perfectly compliant.

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Instant alternate 2

Instantly check your data against the TPS and CTPS register through our real-time service and avoid risking penalties of up to £500,000.

User Friendly


As it is all web based you can effortlessly check the database against your data from anywhere at any time, enabling you to safeguard your data wherever you are.


Real Time

Gain peace of mind that you can check your records against fresh data directly from the TPS and CTPS registers, so you can be sure you’re 100% compliant.

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