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Effectively handle call intake and create satisfying customer experiences

Deliver a first-class customer experience with our self-built, highly flexible inbound call centre software. Call handling is made simple for agents through a slick, easy-to-use web based solution, helping you provide leading levels of customer service.

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Handle customer enquiries with the professionalism befitting to your business

Manage your inbound call flow effectively and in a timely manner, improving customer response time and the perception of your organisation. You can utilise simplistic features that get calls to the correct place at the first attempt, whilst equipping agents with any prior customer knowledge necessary.

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Intelligent, flexible and user-friendly

Easily manage the setup of your inbound campaigns by choosing the treatment of calls on a per campaign basis. Choose the routing of calls and configure announcements, hold music and other actions, with the outcome being a more professional and pleasant experience for your customers and agents.


Comprehensive statisticsAnalyse call handling performance through comprehensive stats
Take advantage of the huge scope of statistics youíre able to analyse data from, in addition to the ability to customise and create statistics from scratch. Monitor stats such as the number of calls an agent has handled, on top of average call time to get an indication of work ethic and how good an agentís resolution handling speed is.

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Set restrictionsSet restrictions on who can control campaign enrolment
Quvu lets senior level management decide who is in charge of agent enrolment. This could depend on the size of your organisation or teams, either affording agents the ability to be trusted to enrol on the campaigns you instruct them to themselves, or in larger teams and organisations restricting this to supervisors.

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Quick setupQuick setup without any hardware
Agents simply need internet access, a computer and a phone or headset to use Quvu, so once your campaigns are set up they can very quickly be taking calls. As your company grows, new departments or sub-divisions may need created to handle different categories of calls, which take just minutes to setup in your online account.

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Key benefits that will help you impress customers

Open up a range benefits when you take advantage of Quvuís inbound call management suite including call routing benefits that ensure wasted time for customers is minimal, plus access to reporting metrics and call history so you can analyse ways to inspire better performance from your staff.


Get calls to the correct destinationEfficiently get calls to the correct destination
Ensure your most knowledgeable staff or qualified agents deal with the relevant customer query by directing customers to the right place via an interactive voice menu (IVR).

Create unlimited IVR menus suitable for different campaigns or purposes, reducing internal time wastage and increasing customer satisfaction.


Safeguard compliance monitor qualitySafeguard compliance and monitor quality
Make sure staff are handling your calls as per industry and your own company standards, by utilising Quvuís comprehensive call recording and logging functions.

Listen to live or historic calls in your browser, storing recordings for up to 6 years, reviewing methods to come up with training plans for compliance and quality assurance purposes.


Protect customer confidentialityProtect customer confidentiality
Follow best practice client confidentiality, by allowing agents to pause the recording of a call as the conversation is taking place live.

This protects your business and helps you comply with data protection regulations where the transmission of sensitive personal details is concerned, such as card information.

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Reliable platform with built-in compliance and enhanced workforce management

Quvu is completely self-built, in-house, by a team of highly skilled developers. As such we are able to stake full control over our entire system and infrastructure to provide you with the most reliable solution possible that is fully adaptable to fit any sized business.

Established platformA solid, established platform
At Quvu we take a proactive approach when it comes to strengthening platform resilience. We own and manage our whole network infrastructure, operating through multiple data centres which are load balanced and span multiple locations across the UK and Ireland.

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Ofcom complianceOfcom Compliance
Avoid running the risk by gaining access to multiple means that help to protect your contact centre from breaching industry regulations, so you can focus on achieving maximum results without sacrificing compliance.

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Workforce managementEnhanced Workforce Management
Keep your entire call centre and workforce organised thanks to user consoles that define specific roles to designated members of staff, carefully restricting who can access what and creating a simplified experience for agents to handle calls.

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Why Quvu?

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