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Why Quvu

Enhancing the way businesses connect with their customers

Contact centres of all sizes trust Quvu to deliver the complete, all in one solution to transform the way they manage customer contact, their workforce and deliver an all-round better experience for their employees and customers alike.

About Quvu

A little bit about us and our platform

Powered through an award-winning and reliable VoIP platform, Quvu provides contact centres with an easy to use, cloud based management system which rapidly improves contact rates and drives results.

With Quvu you gain a user-friendly, effective solution that equips you with what you need to monitor and improve agent performance and help grow your contact centre.

As it is entirely web based there is little to no capital outlay required to get up and running, making Quvu an attractive proposition whether you’re new to the game or an established corporate enterprise.

The intelligent software behind our platform is self-built, entirely in house. This allows us to proactively adapt to changing market conditions and demands, and quickly develop new and innovative ways of making our platform better and more reliable so you can enjoy a smarter, more efficient way of working.

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Stats module
The entire Quvu platform is self-built by a skilled team of in-house developers, giving us complete knowledge of every aspect of our system and enabling us to be exceptionally proactive when it comes to strengthening the performance and reliability of our service.

tick-icon  Privately owned company with no venture         capital investment

tick-icon  Own and manage our entire network         infrastructure

tick-icon  Each of our multiple servers are built internally

Why Us

Just some of the benefits you will gain

If you’re looking for a solution that is straightforward to set up, easy to manage thereafter, comes packed with powerful features that provide valuable insights into your contact centre and can be customised to suit your needs, Quvu can help you capitalise on your potential.


Seamlessly expandSeamlessly expand and work on the move
Despite Quvu’s enormous capabilities to completely transform how you manage your contact centre, all you need to run it is your internet web browser. This makes working on the go and managing your users exceptionally simple.

tick-icon Add new users within a couple of clicks through the Admin Console

tick-icon Monitor agents, listen in to calls and provide coaching in just your browser

tick-icon Analyse campaign, data and agent statistics wherever you are


Adapt QuvuAdapt Quvu to your requirements
Quvu can be customised in a wide range of different ways. The comprehensive statistics module allows you to create the stats that matter to you and create multiple views. Gain control of your data and dialler settings, helping you increase penetration and improve contact rates.

tick-icon Our simple stat configuration facility allows you to create any stat you wish

tick-icon Set picking strategies for your data and allocate priority teams for campaigns

tick-icon The insights you wish to gain are only limited by your imagination


Go about business ethically and with confidence

At Quvu we recognise the difficult challenges faced by the contact centre industry today, where penalties for unethical or non-compliant practices can be severe.

As an entirely self-built solution it allows us to take a proactive approach when it comes to equipping you with the tools to deliver high levels of service to your customers, without sacrificing your reputation and prosperity.

That is why on top of providing you with a solution that allows you to positively transform the way you manage customer contact, our system has in place a number of features that enable you and your agents to focus on what matters, giving your customers confidence in your business practices and you the confidence to focus on maximising talk time without breaking regulations.


Compliant CLI localisationCompliant CLI localisation
Using our Geo Dialling feature you will be provided with caller ID’s that customers will actually be able to call back, should they miss your call. This prevents unnerving customers by leaving them wondering who called them and why they cannot ring back to find out, whilst ensuring complete compliance.

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Appropriate dialling practicesAppropriate dialling practices
Easily manage your dialling strategy so that your abandonment rate, dial timeout and mandatory caller ID presentation keep you in-line with regulations. Quvu affords you the ability to customise these a per campaign basis, so you can find what works best for you without breaching Ofcom’s recommendations.

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Guarantee TPS complianceGuarantee TPS & CTPS compliance
Dialling numbers registered on the TPS or CTPS is not only unethical, bad for customer relations and reputation-harming, it can also land you in hot water with hefty penalty fines of up to £500,000 a possibility. Quvu’s data cleansing service gives you peace of mind that the numbers you dial are safe.

Quvu's Infrastructure

Facilitating success through solid foundations

As a contact centre you rely on maximum uptime from your solution provider, in order to maximise talk time between your agents and customers. Therefore, we want to help you understand a bit more about us and our infrastructure.

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A proactive approach to resilience

We employ 24/7 platform monitoring and in any given hour we monitor thousands of unique data points across our network, facilitating us to immediately detect if there’s a problem anywhere on our platform and rectify it. Our platform has self-healing technology and hardware is continually monitored, with problematic hardware immediately removed from the cluster.

Our development team has undertaken significant work on our SIP platform and IP address range. Through having our own IP address range, of which our ranges are advertised over BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), the result is that we are now able to direct traffic for an IP address to any of our locations.

This enables our SIP platform to have multiple active proxies, resulting in service interruption or downtime being minimal. This means in the event of a defect being detected on any of our proxies, the proxy in question will be pulled from action until it is resolved, while in the meantime our remaining proxies will still have the capacity to run all of our services free of disruption.

The result is that service interruption or downtime is minimal for our customers.

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Multiple data centres

Our commitment to Quvu’s infrastructure is demonstrated by the heavy investment into new data centre (DC) partners.

tick-icon We operate through multiple data centres in varying locations across the UK and Ireland

tick-icon Each DC is load balanced in a way that, firstly, allows our core platform to be more resilient; and secondly

tick-icon Means call quality is not affected during periods of heavy traffic

In each of our DC partners we have a built in redundancy network in order to protect our platform in the event of a hardware failure. Meanwhile, a strategic and transparent depopulation process ensures customers’ services are unaffected during periods of maintenance.

This means when we plan maintenance work at a location all customer calls are moved to other locations, so should someone accidentally knock something they shouldn’t have it will mean no calls are dropped.

Now that we are fully-fledged RIPE NCC (Network Coordination Centre) members, it enables us to access our own IP numbering. The result of this is that we can route our traffic to any of our multiple data centres.

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Ofcom Compliance

A solution built specifically with Ofcom compliance in mind

Quvu was built with Ofcom compliance in mind, and we continually keep up to date with new information and adjust our system if necessary. This allows you to take advantage of the features that will help grow your contact centre, whilst simultaneously equipping you with the tools that will safeguard you against disregarding Ofcom regulations.

What Quvu offers on a per campaign basis to help you ensure complete compliance:

tick-icon The dialler will not exceed the Ofcom-regulated abandonment rate on calls made on each campaign over a 24 hour period

tick-icon Easily upload and select information messages to play on abandoned calls

tick-icon Select the caller ID to present on outbound calls from the list containing your available IDs

tick-icon Set hold minutes for records that resulted in abandoned calls, ensuring you meet Ofcom’s 72-hour minimum wait

tick-icon Customise your dial timeout, carefully allowing calls to ring for a minimum of 15 seconds before terminating

tick-icon Place a hold on data records with the same client ID for those in the same campaign or across all campaigns

Ready made complianceReady-made compliance you can rely onYou don’t have to go wading through multiple levels or complicated settings paths in Quvu to secure your compliance. By default the dialler will do its job at the same time as maintaining an abandonment rate that is within Ofcom’s recommended limits, helping you get the most out of your outbound dialling efforts whilst carefully not misusing your powers.

Meanwhile, your dialler settings are easily found and configured in your Quvu Admin Console so you can make sure you get it right every time.

Flexibility & customisation in abundanceFlexibility & customisation in abundanceDon’t be restricted in the way you approach securing your compliance – gain complete flexibility with the way you tackle it on a per campaign, per data source and even per data file basis.

Conveniently choose caller IDs and messages to play on abandoned calls that are most suitable to the campaign type or kind of data you are working within, without rigidly being tied to using the same across all campaigns or data sets.

Be more productive, speak to more prospects – guarantee compliance

Gain complete control over your outbound dialling activities With Quvu. On a per campaign basis you can customise the configuration and strategy of the dialler, whilst easily ensuring your settings comply with Ofcom’s regulations and recommendations.

Routable CLI

Protect Your Customers Against Abandoned CallsEasily ensure you set a target abandonment rate to comply with Ofcom regulations. Also known as ‘dropped calls’, persistently abandoning calls is likely to annoy or even cause distress to your customers and is a top priority for Ofcom to tackle.

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Dial TimeoutAvoid Shortchanging Customers by Terminating Calls too EarlyQuvu’s Dial Timeout facility allows you to prevent terminating outbound calls before reaching at least 15 seconds – the recommended amount of time a call should at least ring for before cutting out. Short periods of ringing may not allow sufficient time for customers to answer, subsequently risking annoying customers.

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Routable CLIDial Using Valid and Routable CLIsChoose valid caller ID numbers available to you to present on outbound calls, and if you take advantage of Quvu’s Geo Dialling feature all CLIs we provide for you are returnable – this means customers will be able to call you back in the event that they miss your call, securing your full compliance and safeguarding customers against the distress and ambiguity a missed call from an invalid number could cause.

Quality monitoring

Quvu’s self-built technology is constantly evolving to stay ahead of the game and ensure your agents are continually increasing productivity, without sacrificing industry compliance.

Conduct your business with peace of mind through a user-friendly interface and intelligent software, guaranteeing best practice with all the perks that facilitate you to maximise contact and at worst minimise risk, and at best completely remove it.

TPS & CTPS Compliance

Is your data TPS & CTPS compliant?

Steer clear of making unsolicited calls to numbers registered on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) and subsequently avoid risking fines of up to £500,000.


The risk to you

You will be in breach of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations (PECR), should you make calls to any individual’s or business’s number registered on the TPS and CTPS, respectively.

The PECR are enforced by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and were introduced in 2003. However, an amendment in 2011 has greatly increased the ICO’s powers, including the ability to serve a monetary penalty notice imposing a fine of up to £500,000.


How Quvu’s real-time TPS checking removes your risk

Quvu’s TPS and CTPS compliance is a real-time data cleansing service. The data we receive is obtained directly from the TPS itself, so there is no middle man and the data is therefore 100% accurate.

Helping you ensure you avoid calling any individual or business registered on the TPS and CTPS, Quvu’s easy to use online portal puts you firmly in control of the numbers you are dialling.

tick-icon Remove the risk of breaching PECR regulations

tick-icon Avoid fines of up to £500,000 and negative publicity

tick-icon Improve customer satisfaction

tick-icon Access anywhere at any time – all you need is an Internet connection

tick-icon Check as many data records in one single go as you wish


The cost to you

Our pricing for this service is clear and simple, with no hidden charges that you won’t be told up front about.

Standard Price Per Month: £200
Number of Inclusive Record Lookups: Unlimited

Features & benefits

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How you can get started

Existing Quvu customers:
Contact our Technical Support team via email at or phone on 03333 44 55 90.

New customers:
Contact our Sales team who will be happy to discuss how Quvu can transform your contact centre via email at or phone on 03333 44 55 90.


SPECIAL OFFER: TPS Compliance & Geo Dialling for one monthly fee!

We are offering customers our TPS Compliance and Geo Dialling add-ons, when purchased together, for £300pm – this is a saving of £100pm when compared against buying each add-on separately.

Get in touch today using the contact details above for more information.


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